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Final Fantasy XIV -  How to Complete Objectives in Halatali on Normal Mode

A quick and informative Final Fantasy XIV tactics guide for all objectives and boss fights in Halatali dungeon on normal mode.

Objective: Clear the Hall of the Cesti. Boss: Firemane. Players will notice a large bonfire in the room and the boss standing next to it. Throughout the fight, adds named Damantus will spawn and start going towards the fire. If they reach it, players take AOE damage. Adds don't need to be tanked but they take priority over the boss. After the boss is defeated, the bonfire changes color and becomes a portal to the next area of the dungeon.

Objective: Activate the chain winch. This objective doesn't have a boss fight. Players will be required to interact with some objects called chain winches. There are five of them that need to be activated. Each chain spawns monsters or a treasure chest. Monsters are easy to deal with so this phase is nothing more than an extended trash mob fight as long as you get your character armed. This is always same like we need ESO Items in game to play better and easier.

Objective: Clear the Hall of the Secutores. Boss: Thunderclap Guivre. Periodically, the boss will retreat on the island in the center of the room and cast a spell that does damage to anyone standing in the room. He cannot be damaged during this time. Players will go up the ramp to avoid damage. The boss will summon adds that must not be ignored by the DPS players. Some adds have an AOE attack that can be avoided. The tank must watch out for the frontal cone attack. As soon as the boss is defeated, players use the portal to advance to the next objective.

Objective: Defeat Tangata. Boss: Tangata. During the fight, the boss places an AOE around him and summons Fire Sprites that must not be let to reach him. Damantus adds like the ones from the first fight are present as well. Both of these adds don't have much HP and must be immediately killed. The frontal cone attack is easily avoided. After 50% HP, the tank should pull the boss towards the sides of the room so DPS players have more space to deal with the adds. The boss also knock-backs the tank. So what do you think of this game FFXIV? Another popular video game ESO seems more better, at least we can play it on xbox one, ps4 and pc. If you want to start a new game, buy ESO Account is a fast and easy way!


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